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Have some more time on your hands and want to get more of a feel for the Holy Land, but not quite the extensive trip? Then, the 5-day experience is the right fit for you! The 5 day experience includes everything in the 3-day experience, and adds the Dead Sea, Jericho, in addition to a free day for you to explore Tel Aviv and Historic Jaffa!


Tentative schedule:

Day 1: Jerusalem Old City + Church of the Holy Sepulchre + Mt. of Olives

Day 2: Bethlehem + Mt Zion

Day 3: Ein Karem (Historic Village in the Jerusalem area)

Day 4: Baptism site on the Jordan River + Dead Sea + Qumran (Dead Sea Scrolls) + Jericho + Mt. Temptation 

Day 5: A Walk around Historic Jaffa, the Jaffa flea market, historic Jaffa churches + Tel Aviv + free time on your own

*Arrival day not included.  Depending on the flight departure time, an additional day may be required at the end of your stay to allow for sufficient travel time to the airport* 

*Please note that pricing differs depending on your group size, so please contact us for an accurate quote. 

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